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The Mushroom Tin Of Gin

In collaboration with the Caley Brothers, this delicious gin has been crafted using Shiitake mushrooms. Having a green and sustainable approach, the Shiitakes on the Caley Brothers farm are grown on bi-products and agricultural waste which has been saved from landfill. The substrate of hardwood sawdust, sunflower husks and bran provides the Shiitakes with a complex and distinctive taste;  known for their rich savoury flavours, with a subtle earthiness and sweet tones. 

They’re a delicious mushroom when used fresh but their taste intensifies when dried. Distilled with lemon peel and tarragon, we have created a flavourful and unforgettable London Dry gin. 

Tasting Notes:

This unique London Dry mushroom gin is sweet, yet earthy with bursts of Shiitake notes from start to finish. Complimented by the citrus-sy tang from the lemon peel, this tipple also has tarragon which brings a peppery taste to the spirit. 

Serving Suggestion:

We would recommend pairing this tasty tipple with the classic plain Indian tonic water. Add a sprig of tarragon with a dusting of our dried oyster mushroom powder around the rim of the glass and plenty of ice.

Each Tin Contains: 50cl each at 40% ABV.

Allergen Advice:   May Contain Wheat

50cl – £35

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