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Lobster Tin Of Gin

Our Lobster Tin Of Gin – a tribute to the sea that effortlessly enhances a mix of maritime-inspired culinary creations. This exquisite gin features the unmistakable flavours of samphire, angelica, and coriander, alongside a mixture of botanicals centred around juniper berries. This gin is your go-to choice when you’re in the mood for a truly refreshing G&T. Its unique blend is carefully distilled to perfection and adds a delightful twist to your drink.

Each sip is a voyage, guiding your palate and making it an ideal pairing for those who appreciate a tasty gin and a trip to the seaside. The intricate fusion of citrus, coriander and samphire, creates a profile that perfectly complements a variety of fish dishes. Whether it’s the delicate tasting of white fish or the hearty taste of salmon, our Lobster Tin of Gin elevates the dining experience. 

Tasting notes:

On the nose of this gin, experience bold, vibrant green notes complemented by the subtle hints of citrus. The botanicals used in this gin are centred around juniper, with coriander upfront, leading to a citrus infused body after. This is then followed by the refreshing nuances of samphire, accompanied by a gentle touch of salt that delicately tantalises the taste buds.

Serving Suggestion:

As well as being the perfect accompaniment to a fish supper, our samphire gin makes a delicious G&T. If you are looking for a gin cocktail with a modern flair, we would recommend incorporating Luscombe’s succulent pink grapefruit tonic water to bring the subtle citrus notes in this blend forward. Complete the experience with a garnish of a pink grapefruit slice or a sprig of samphire, and for a daring touch, add a pinch of salt. 

50cl – £35.00

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