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Plum, Cassia Bark & Muscat Root Gin – NO.20

Gin No.20 stands out as a unique gin fusion, defined by its luxurious blend of plum, cassia bark and muscat root, centred around the essence of juniper berries. Housed in an enchanting deep indigo purple tin, this London Dry Gin, meticulously crafted during the winter season, unveils a rich tapestry of complexity. Its nuanced tasting profile reveals refreshing undertones, making it an equally outstanding choice for a refreshing G&T or gin cocktail. 

Tasting notes:

With the rich essence of plum at the forefront, this dry gin boasts a fruity profile enhanced by a delicate undercurrent of tartness. Additionally, the prominent presence of cassia bark and muscat root takes centre stage, enveloping the core essence of juniper berries.

Serving Suggestion:

We would suggest placing ice into a double high-ball or old-fashioned glass and pouring in our exquisite No.20 gin. If you are looking to blend the flavours perfectly, you can add a spice plum syrup and then stir gently. Garnish with a delicate, thin slice of plum, and complete the preparation by topping off the glass with tonic. We prefer a classic Indian tonic for its ability to maintain effervescence, as we find it retains bubbles exceptionally well.

50cl – £35.00

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