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The Perfect Measure Tin Of Gin

Inspired by the effortless ritual of measuring the beautiful juniper spirit to create the ideal serve. This unique London Dry Gin encapsulates botanicals of beetroot, Grannie Smith apple and dill, with the unmistakable essence of juniper berries at the core. Serving as the quintessential signature element for creating many classic cocktails, such as a timeless G&T, a vibrant Bloody Mary, or a refined gin martini, this delectable spirit is an essential addition to any gin enthusiast’s collection. This exquisite gin is housed in an illustrated tin featuring warm cream and soft pink tones, adorned with a perfect tape measure.

Serving Suggestion:

Indulge in the timeless allure of a classic G&T by pairing this unique London Dry Gin with premium tonic water and a garnish of crisp apple slices. For a zesty twist, we would recommend creating a lively Bloody Mary by adding a splash of tomato juice, a dash of hot sauce, and a celery stick. 

Tasting Notes:

With each sip, you can savour the vibrant combination of beetroot, Granny Smith apple, and dill. The palate takes you through the journey from the earthy richness of beetroot to the crisp sweetness of apple, all while the herbal notes of dill weave a nuanced tapestry. The juniper core lingers, providing a classic gin undertone that defines this exquisite London Dry Gin.

50cl – £35.00

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