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Whenever there’s a special event like a birthday, anniversary or a wedding, the pressure quickly mounts to find the ideal gift. Naturally, you want something that’s unique and apt for marking the celebration.

So, where do you start? Well of course, the shops are full of gifts with the traditional tokens of love like flowers, chocolates, and cosmetics but it’s hard to feel inspired when you see the same old things being wheeled out year after year.

How much nicer would it be to give them something different to the standard fayre from the high street? A gift that’s more personal and demonstrative of the level of thought put into the purchase.

hare tin of gin with personalised message

The Perfect Gin Gifts

If the recipient’s a gin fan, you might have already thought about getting them a bottle of their favourite spirit. Problem is that gin comes in varying quality and, let’s face it, a bottle of gin can be bought pretty much anywhere these days, so that’s not exactly special, is it?

Fortunately, the bespoke collection from Gin in a Tin marries premium quality, expertly blended gin with a stunning tin vessel to solve the issue. Even better, these personalised gin gifts are letterbox friendly so if you’ve left it too late, or can’t be with that special person on the day, you can still let them know that they’re in your thoughts.

Each hand-tailored gin is made from 40% ABV London Dry gin cleverly combined with an unusual seasonal blend and presented in a stylish, attractive eye-catching tin. It’s a gift that anyone would be proud to have on display.  

Everyone has their own individual personality, and you’re the person who knows them best. Before you decide which Gin In A Tin is the one to get, consider the gin blend and tin design.

For an ultimate show of love, there’s the Love Heart Tin Collection, a beautiful pink or blue design that incorporates scattered love hearts, to illustrate your unconditional love and depth of feeling.

The Pink Love Heart Tin contains Gin No.10 inside it, a light fresh, fruity gin blend with hints of pomegranate, raspberry and cardamom centred around juniper.

Pink, hearts, or flowers not their thing? Then go for the Blue Love Heart Tin, containing Gin No.13, a luscious mix of distinctive ginger, angelica, and lemon peel, to create an earthy, autumnal edge.

Personalised Gin Gift

Personalised Gin Gifts 

If you’ve been on the lookout for personalised gin gifts, look no more because an extra special touch is to add your own message making it into something that they’ll want to return to in the years to come, long after the gin’s been drunk. After all, these really are gins to enjoy, tins to cherish.

For a taste of classic elegance, there’s no better choice than one of the personalised block colour gin tins, available in three gorgeous pastel shades: Pink, Green and Blue.

The personalised Pink Tin option contains the fruity Gin No.10, the personalised Blue Tin contains Gin No.2, a crisp, citrusy, refreshing blend and the personalised Green Tin, the exquisite, delicious seasonal No. 6 gin blend with its signature warming trio of rhubarb, cinnamon, and ginger.

On all three personalised colour block gin tins, there’s enough space to add in a personalised message (up to 34 characters) like ‘I love you’, ‘Happy birthday’, or ‘You’re the best’.

For someone who loves nature, art, a unique design or has a quirkier personality, a personalised illustrated gin tin might be just their thing. We especially love the artistic Personalised Hare Tin of Gin, complete with no-nonsense Gin blend No.2.

Another customer favourite is the Personalised Bee Tin of Gin, inspired by allotment produce, this beautiful fruity and floral number brings to mind apricot and elderflower. Complete with bold drawings and space for a personalised message too, these make an effortlessly classy gift that any loved one would be delighted to receive. If you choose to make your gin gift bespoke to the recipient, then it can be cherished even after all the delicious gin has been devoured!