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Gin subscriptions are a great way to give a gift to someone you love, which will keep them happy throughout the entire year – if you are anything like us, then having a tin of bespoke gin dropping through your letterbox on a regular basis is one of the best gifts we could ask for!  In this article, we will be taking you through our gin subscription packages, which range from monthly, bi-monthly to quarterly. We’ll also explain how these subscriptions differ and what your gift recipient could be getting their hands on. 

Monthly Gin Subscription 

Whether it’s for a Christmas, anniversary, birthday, or even an engagement present, everyone likes to receive a gift of gin. Now, imagine that your gift recipient receives a gin delivery to their house every, single, month! 

Our monthly gin subscription is the perfect gift for the gin aficionado. So what do you need to know? This option means that your loved one will  receive one bespoke 50 cl tin of gin through their letter box every month for a period of 12 months. Gin GIFT SET SUBSCRIPTION 












With 18 exquisite gin blends, your loved one can look forward to receiving a different gin blend every time to tickle their taste buds. Think of the monthly subscription as the ultimate gin tasting adventure because they’ll get to experience a range of  sweet, fruity, herbal, warming and spicy blends.  Even better, each gin blend they receive will come with a welcome pack that includes tasting notes covering the top notes and underlying flavours of that specific blend, and tips on how best to serve and garnish it. 

Bi Monthly Gin Subscription

Another fantastic way to receive our latest most exciting gins of distinction is through our bi-monthly gin subscription – ensuring that your gift recipient will have a 50 cl tin of gin delivered by post every other month. That means they’ll receive six tantalising gin blends to enjoy throughout the 12 month period. It truly is a wonderful way for any gin lover to begin building up their very own gin library at home.

Quarterly Gin Subscription 

If you are stuck for an original present, and are looking for a gift that keeps on giving, then we would highly recommend the quarterly gin subscription. With this option, your recipient receives one 50 cl gin blend on a quarterly basis. That’s 4 exquisite blends in total, covering spring, summer, autumn and winter.  It’s a great gift for friends or family alike that are besotted with gin, much like us. By choosing this option, a new tin of gin will land on their doormat just at the right time to top up their gin levels.  

Who wouldn’t want to receive one of our beautiful blue gift boxes every 12 weeks? Our beautifully delicious gin is made using seasonal botanicals, and comes in a stunningly designed tin that can still be used long after the gin has been enjoyed. 

What To Expect From Our Gin Subscription 

Your gift recipient will receive a 50 cl tin of gin, either on a monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly basis, depending on which option you’ve chosen. To enhance their overall experience, each gin tin is wonderfully presented in our signature welcome pack. They’ll receive information on the individual blend which will guide them as to which tonic water to use and how to garnish that specific gin blend so they can have the perfect G&T every time.  Just so that they can indulge in their favourite blends again, we’ve also included instructions on how they can reorder outside of their subscription.

The Perfect Gift For Gin Lovers 

So, why does a gin subscription make the best gift for a gin lover? Simple really: gin on demand! Having new, and exciting tins of gin regularly delivered to your home, is a dream come true!  With so many exciting events like Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, Father’s Day and Mother’s Day, there’s always the perfect opportunity to set your favourite gin lover up with one of our sought-after gin subscriptions.