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Summer is here, which means the cocktails are flowing! Here at Gin In A Tin, we pride ourselves on making a range of gins which make for the perfect accompaniment to any of your summer cocktails. In this article, we will be giving you our top three favourite gin cocktails, and how we would recommend serving them. 

1. Classic Summer Cocktail

Now, would it be summer without a delicious gin and tonic? A G&T is the best, low-effort serve, for a long summer’s day. Our London Dry blend No.8 Gin is inspired by the sea, and makes for a tantalising accompaniment to any gin cocktail. This blend goes particularly well with any culinary dishes that contain fish, again, making it one of the best blends to bring with you if you are heading to the coast for the summer. With distinctive notes of samphire, angelica, and coriander, as well as many other botanicals centred around juniper berries, this gin is wonderfully subtle, yet complex when it comes to its tasting palette. 

Our Suggested Serve

On the nose of this gin, you can expect big fresh green notes, with underlying citrus tones. Upon sipping, you will be met with juniper and coriander up front, and these notes will be followed by a citrus body. With samphire and a slight bit of salt, this gin will certainly tickle your taste buds. 

When it comes to serving this gin in a summer cocktail, we would recommend mixing up a classic G&T, but with a contemporary twist. Why not try flavoured tonic water, such as the Luscombe Succulent Pink Grapefruit? A mixer such as this will enhance the delicate citrus tones and make this gin’s flavours really pop. Also, we recommend garnishing with a slice of pink grapefruit, or even, a sprig of samphire. If you are feeling especially daring, we would even suggest adding a pinch of salt – bring the sea to you this summer with this refreshing take on a classic cocktail. 

2. A Summer Bloody Mary

Next up, is a summer Bloody Mary. Nothing says ‘summer brunch’ quite like a Bloody Mary in the sun – and we have the perfect blend! Meet Gin No.4, made with beetroot, Grannie Smith apples, and dill. Inspired by seasonal produce, such as the wonderfully British apples, and paired with the vegetable beetroot, this blend has extremely distinctive notes. 

Our Suggested Serve

Juniper sits at the very forefront of this gin, with dill and lemon balm notes closely following. Paired with the taste of crisp apples, and lasting flavours of earthy beetroot, this gin makes for the most refreshing summer serve. 

Gin No.4 goes perfectly in a G&T paired with a Fentimans tonic, and garnished with a crisp slice of apple, but also, we would recommend putting it alongside a classic Bloody Mary. Typically, a Bloody Mary is vodka, but why try swapping this classic out for a gin instead? Our Beetroot, Grannie Smith Apple, and Dill gin will add flavour and character to your favourite brunch cocktail, and mixes easily alongside its other components. This summer, sip on a cocktail with a distinguished flavour. 

3. A Refreshing Gin Martini

Last, but certainly not least, is a gin martini. With so many summer parties happening at the moment, you may be looking for a serve that will wow your guests – enter, the gin martini. A classic in its own right, the martini is a simple yet sophisticated cocktail which will certainly make for the perfect party guest. 

For this serve, we would recommend our Lemon Peel, Coriander, and Cardamom gin, which is our London Dry Gin NO.2  No.2. Ulitising classic dry botanicals, this straightforward, no-nonsense gin is a must-have when it comes to mixing up your summer cocktails. Upon sipping, you will taste distinctive notes of liquorice root, lemon peel, and cardamom, alongside many other botanicals which are centred around juniper berries, creating an all-around refreshing taste. 

Our Suggested Serve

This gin has a complex palette, with notes of lemon, and orange throughout, and finishing with a floral, yet spicy kick from the cardamom. Much like our other gins, this one can be served nicely over ice with a tonic. We would also recommend serving this classic G&T with pink grapefruit too. However, if you are looking for something a little more captivating, we would also suggest serving it in a martini. The most classic of gin martinis typically contains three ingredients; gin, vermouth, and a dash of orange bitters. To finish off this serve, garnish with a lemon twist and this quick and easy cocktail is ready!