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It’s always important to thank your teachers – at the end of the day, we spend just as much time in the classroom as we do at home. Why not treat a teacher to a thoughtful gift that will be sure to get them through the term? In this article, we will be looking at our favourite unique gin gifts that will make for the perfect end-of-year present. 

1. Bloomin’ Lovely Summer Gin

There is nothing quite like the summer holidays, and why not grab a gin that will celebrate just that? Cheers, to beach days, lounging in the garden, and of course, no school! Our blooming wonderful gin is floral and fruity – perfect for those summer gin cocktails. 

Our stunning tin design showcases a splendid array of foliage and flowers which are all in full bloom. We were completely inspired by those signature long hot British summer days, where all the flowers are in full bloom and reach towards the sun. As well as an eye-catching tin, the gin inside is full of floral notes. Inside, you will taste a beautiful gin, with distinctive notes of pomegranate, raspberry, cardamon, and many, many other botanicals. All of these centre around juniper, which makes for the ideal light, fruity number. 

floral and fruity gin

If your favourite teacher is looking for a way to serve this stunning gin, might we recommend over ice, with one of their favoured tonic? We would also suggest adding a lime leaf and pomegranate seeds as a garnish to really make the flavours come to life. 

2. Illustrated Tins Of Gin

In line with our ‘Schools out for the summer theme, we also have an array of illustrated tins of gin, which would make for a unique gin gift – take our beautiful Bee Tin for example. Showcasing one of our favourite designs, this lovely tin has a wonderful illustration of a bee. Thank your teacher this year with this unusual gin gift, which is not only beautiful on the outside, but also, on the inside. 

The gin housed inside has distinct notes of nectar, elderflower, chamomile, and marigold. Along with these, all the other natural botanicals centre around notes of juniper berries creating the ultimate refreshing taste. Again, if you are looking for the perfect gin cocktail, then we would suggest this gin alongside a classic G&t with a lighter tonic, such as Franklin & Sons, Fever Tree Light or Schweppes.

Also in our illustrated gin range, and again, in tandem with our summer theme, we also have our Illustrated Hare Tin. If your teacher is an animal lover, then this lovely depiction of a hare is perfect. Like all our tins, these are hand-tailored and house a gin of distinction that speaks volumes. Both of these will make your teacher feel loved and appreciated this year. 

Not to mention, our illustrated tins, you can also personalise them. That’s right – you make your gin gift to your teacher even more special. A personalised gin gift makes for a memorable present that will be cherished long after the delicious spirit has been finished. 

3. Gin Gifts Made For Your Teacher

Nothing quite says ‘thank you for everything’, like a gift with some thought put behind it.  Our collection of miniature tins is the perfect way to express both love and admiration for the people who do so much in our lives – including our teachers. If you need a reason to send a beautiful and delicious tin of gin, then this is it.  

These wonderfully novel and super cute mini tins are full of delicious gin and are an ideal way to thank your teachers for all their hard work.  Upon opening our beautifully presented cotton bag you will find seven colourful tins making up the rainbow spectrum. In this gin gift box, you will find this selection of our tantalising blends: 

  1. Gin No.14 – Packham Pear, Orange Peel & Cinnamon 
  2. Gin No.1 – Orange Peel, Allspice & Nutmeg
  3. Gin No. 5 – Elderflower, Chamomile & Marigold
  4. Gin No. 3 – Black Pepper, Cassia Bark & Cloves
  5. Gin No. 2 – Lemon Peel, Coriander & Cardamom
  6. Gin No. 7 – Fennel, Lemon & Thyme
  7. Gin No.8 – Coriander, Samphire & Angelica