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World Gin Day is nearly here and with this, the cocktails need to be following. Here at Gin In A Tin, we are extremely excited to celebrate and drink some fantastic gin. In this article, we will be helping you get ready for World Gin Day 2023. 

What You Need To Know About World Gin Day 2023

Naturally, World Gin Day is one of our favourite unofficial holidays. Held on the second Saturday of every June, we always look forward to seeing some delicious gin serves, and celebrating with a classic G&T ourselves. Organised originally by one of our favourite gin enthusiasts – Gin Monday – the concept is fairly simple: enjoy gin in every which way. Whether you like more of a simple gin serve, or are all about those complex gin cocktails, this day is for gin lovers everywhere. 

To celebrate, it is recommended to get some of your favourite people together, and raise a glass to one of the most delicious and versatile spirits out there – gin! So, let the celebrations beGIN, and let’s be in the mood for sipping!

Our Recommended Serves For World Gin Day

Now, it wouldn’t be World Gin Day without a cocktail, now, would it? Getting slightly sloshed is on the menu, and so are some of our favourite cocktails. Now that summer is nearly in full swing, we think that a refreshing gin cocktail is definitely needed. 

gin in a tin - no. 10 gin in a pink tin ready for world gin day

Gin No.10: A Summer G&T

Let’s talk gin and tonic – a classic for every season, but particularly refreshing when it comes to hot weather. Well, for all our G&T lovers, might we introduce you to Gin No. 10? With bursting-tasting notes of pomegranate, raspberry, and cardamom, gin no. 10 was definitely made with summer in mind. 

Inspired by summer produce of the traditional British allotment, this blend is deliciously light and fruity – ideal for a celebration of World Gin Day in the garden. The nose of this gin has a subtle cardamom, with a mix of pomegranate, and raspberry rising straight to the top. On the mouth, the juniper sits right at the forefront, which is then followed by pomegranate notes and a lovely fresh raspberry finish. 

Now, for the serve – we would recommend serving gin No.10 over ice, with one of your favourite tonics. For the garnish, we would suggest taking your gin and tonic to the next level, by adding a lime leaf, and a sprinkle of pomegranate seeds. 

Gin No.8: Gin Cocktails By The Sea

Next up, we have gin no.8, which was inspired by the sea. This blend was made to complement many culinary dishes which contain fish. Along with the good weather this June, why not bring the taste of the sea to your front door? With distinctive notes of samphire, angelica, and coriander, this gin makes for a wonderfully subtle and complex serve. 

When putting it in your cocktail, you will notice that this gin has fresh green notes of underlying citrus tones. Along with juniper and coriander upfront, the citrus body and samphire, with slight salt will tickle the taste buds. 

For the gin serve, we would recommend creating a classic G&T, but with a contemporary twist – it is World Gin Day after all. We suggest adding in Luscombe succulent pink grapefruit tonic water which will enhance the delicate citrus tones. Then for garnishing, why not add a slice of pink grapefruit or a sprig of samphire? If you really want to lean into that taste of the seaside, you could also add a pinch of salt. 

Gin No.4: Brunch Gin Cocktail

Whilst this gin has a more spring-tasting palette, it can also bring a refreshing taste to a summer serve – particularly if you plan to celebrate World Gin Day slightly earlier than some. If brunch plans are on your agenda, then you will definitely need a gin cocktail to wow your guests. Gin No.4 is inspired by seasonal produce and Eastern European food pairing. Juniper sits right at the forefront of this gin, with dill and lemon balm notes to follow. With the addition of the sweet crisp apple, the earthy notes of beetroot truly complete the palate. 

gin in a tin - world gin day

For your brunch gin serve, why not swap out the vodka typically used in Bloody Mary? Bloody Marys are the ideal brunch drink and with No.4, you make a crisp, and exciting serve which will kick off your World Gin Day celebrations.