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Father’s Day is coming, and with that, we are here to offer some much-needed inspiration for what gifts to give this year. All the products from the Gin In A Tin range make for the most wonderful presents. If your father is a gin lover like us, then we couldn’t recommend our collection higher. Not only do our tins make for the most delicious tipples, but they also all fit through a standard UK letter box. Our gin letterbox gifts are slim enough to fit through the front door and can be delivered directly to him, even if he is not at home meaning your father won’t have to miss out!

Letterbox Gin Gifts For Golf-Lovers

Is your father both a gin and a golf lover? Then look no further! Here at Gin In A Tin, we have combined Dad’s love of golf and gin to make our stunning  Putting For A Birdie tin. As we all know, it’s always a good time for a G&T, and our tins of gin make for the perfect travel companion as you move around the green. Whether you are celebrating your round of golf, or looking to drown your sorrows after a loss, we’ve got you covered with our 100% natural sublime craft gin. 

The Gin inside our ‘Putting For A Birdie’ tin has classic dry botanicals,  making it perfect for a martini or classic G&T. This gin has distinctive notes of, lemon peel, corandia, and cardamom, as well as many other botanicals centred around juniper berries to create the ultimate refreshing taste. If your dad likes a smooth crisp gin with juniper at the forefront, this gift could be a hole-in-one! For Father’s Day 2023, we recommend serving our gin over ice with tonic and garnish with pink grapefruit. 

gin in a tin - golf tin design for golf lovers

Letterbox-Friendly Gift Ideas For The Tennis Player

Does your dad favour tennis over golf? Well, we’ve also got a letterbox-friendly gin gift he would like. Introducing, our What A Shot – The perfect tennis tipple! Just ahead of Wimbledon 2023, our tennis-inspired tin is bound to make for the ultimate Father’s Day present. 

This tin contains a subtle blend of gin including, black paper, cassia bark, and cloves. The fruity combination on the forehand and warming notes of the pepper and cloves on the backhand is sure to score that winning shot! 

gin in a tin - tennis design tin

Floral Gin Gifts For Gardeners 

Maybe your Dad likes the peace of his own garden and would much prefer to enjoy a refreshing G&T in his own space. Well, if your father has a green thumb, we have a gin he may also like. Our Blooming Delicious Gin not only has a stunning tin design that showcases a splendid array of foliage and flowers in full bloom but also, it houses a delicious gin that any gardener will appreciate. 

Inspired by long, hot summer days when everything is in full bloom and at its best, the gin inside this beautiful tin has distinctive notes of pomegranate, raspberry, and cardamom, as well as many other botanicals centred around juniper, to create a deliciously light, fruity number. 

gin in a tin - floral tin of gin

Personalised Gin Gifts for Him

Nothing says ‘I’ve been thinking of you’, quite like a personalised gift – that sentiment mixed with their favourite spirit, makes for the ultimate present. Make your Father feel extra special this year with a thoughtful, hand-tailored tin of gin: Gins of distinction that speak volumes, in stylish tins which can be personalised to make it just as unique as the person you are buying it for. Plus, making your tin of gin bespoke means the item will be cherished, even after all the delicious gin has been devoured!

We have a full range of different colours and designs, which will further add personality to your present. Some of our most popular tins are our illustrated Tins Of Gin, including our Personalised Hare Tin Of Gin and A Beautiful Bee Tin Of Gin. However, if you are looking for something more classic, we also have our tins in a block colour where you can choose from our Pink, Green, and Blue Tin of Gin designs.

Whichever you choose, each and every tin in its own way, tells your dad he is unbeleafable this Father’s Day with a gin that he will truly appreciate.